We provide a wide range of treatment options to suit a variety of preferences with soft, medium or strong pressure. All treatments, performed by professionals – physical therapists, can be complemented with electro-stimulation as needed. Call or visit us for more information on products, current promotions and customized options.


Hot Stone

Ideal for muscle relaxation, reduces tension and muscle contractures through the warmth of the stones and the technique of the massage, with soft or medium pressure.


Body Contouring – Bamboo

This treatment includes manual techniques that warm tissues, release and mobilize fat cells, that will be excreted by the body. Improves body contour and the appearance of cellulite.


Energy Balancing

Relaxing massage, performed with gems, Chakra stones. Quarz crystals that stimulate the aura to balance the body’s energy.



Very different, with your clothes on, on a massage table. Your physical therapist will help you relax and improve flexibility, through stretching and pressure points.


Lymphatic Drainage

Rids the body of toxins that accumulate from interaction with the environment, unhealthy diets, lack of physical activity by stimulating adequate phyisiological processes of the lymphatic system. Excellent as postoperative treatment to reduce fluid retention, swelling and pain.


Aromatic Herbs

Relaxing massage performed with pouches of aromatic herbs and grains, increases local circulation, reduces stress and enhances well being. Ideal treatment that combines the benefits of relaxation, exfoliation and aromatherapy.



Soft or medium pressure massage, stimulates endorphins and the body experiences a pleasant feeling of wellness. Adapts to everyone´s schedule in 30 and 60 minute massages.


Depp Tissue

Tissues are stimulated with a strong pressure, making the effects of this technique ideal to treat deeper tissues, muscles contractures, and stimulation of the nervous system.


Childrens´ Therapeutic

Soft or medium pressure relaxing massage, ideal for children five to 12 years of age. Reduces stress, hyperactivity and relaxes muscles.



Relaxing techniques that reduce fatigue and lumbar or lower back discomfort common during pregnancy, helping women feel relaxed, less pain and more motivated. Recommended during the second and third trimesters.



Treatment based on lymphatic drainage massage, adapted especially to the surgical procedure performed. It can be complemented with the use of technology, microcurrents, radiofrequency, ultrasound, among others.